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Universal Code: The Ultimate Developer Playlist

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Shannon Cantor
ByPor Shannon Cantor

Shannon’s craving for knowledge inspired her studies in languages and literature, and has ultimately driven her into a career of research and writing. She has spent the past years immersed in conversations surrounding IT business strategy, creating content that synthesizes these concepts and enhances our understanding of them. She is a published academic author, content specialist, and--in her “free” time-- project manager in the non-profit sector.


Music motivates, animates, and inspires us all. Whether jamming to Pink Floyd, Beethoven, Metallica, or Beyonce, there’s something for everyone in the music world, to connect with the soul and jumpstart the mind. Let’s have a look at the connection of music in software development.

WebCreek developers know this universal code and tap into its force for power-boosting inspiration. What rhythms mark the beat of WebCreek programming? That is the question that we posed to our developers, to learn what music has helped them connect the dots. WebCreek has again proved its diversity with the spectrum of responses received. Here we’ve shared these sounds by genre, to give you a glimpse into the what and the how of music in software development. 

Rock: The Focuser 

WebCreek’s most-played musical genre. It “motivates to never stop,” “wakes up neurons,” and “improves attention.”  One developer noted that it’s perfect for “easy long tasks.” Rockin’ examples include The Doors, Roadhouse Blues; Radiohead, Present Tense; Royal Blood, Figure it Out; and Pink Floyd, Comfortably Numb

Electronic: The Energizer 

A close-second preferred genre, developers click for electronic music because “when you start a new day, you need that nice energy to think ‘It’s gonna be a great week.’” Two Daft Punk lovers cited the band (Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger; Lose Yourself to Dance), saying that the “joy and good energy” of this music “reminds of the strong attitude in front of each day…[and] makes me travel around my code.” Other electronic inspirations include Lindsey Stirling and SG Lewis’s Flames

Classical: The Spiritualizer 

Classical music transports the listener to a timeless feeling; it transports the developer to an inspired realm. Citing artists like Hans Zimmer and Gaetano Donizetti, WebCreek coders float with this genre for its “love and passion,” and because it simply has the power to “save the world.” 

Pop: The Motivator 

Whoever said that pop music doesn’t find depth in its lyrics? While some songs of this genre float on surface-level clichés, our WebCreek developers opt for bands like One Ok Rock (Stand Out Fit In) and Above Only (Change). The words “say it all” to motivate our troops, with striking lines like, “It’s never too late, change your life” and “I just wanna be myself, I can’t be someone else.” 

Metal: The Dozer 

Known for its raw steam-power, metal music likewise fuels WebCreek developers. Some turn to Judas Priest’s Painkiller for “everything;” others save metal power for “complex tasks” that need the extra boost. 

Reggaeton: The Relaxer 

With offices throughout Latin America, the rhythms of reggaeton inevitably thump through our offices. Jams like Enchochado de Ti by Don Patricio help to “relax” some developers, with steady but undeniable beats. 

Each musical style will connect with a different side of each developer, and code a different facet of innovation into the threads of the program. Depending on the task and personality, users might glean shades of metal, electro, or rap. But despite the unique diversity, one theme remains evident is all that WebCreek produces: creative inspiration and its hidden musical ally. 

Check out our Ultimate Developer Playlist on Spotify, and connect through this universal code: