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Today, the oil and gas industry is centered around digital technology. Under constant pressure to meet market demands, specific oil and gas software helps to manage production data and employees working in remote and volatile conditions. WebCreek has worked alongside energy companies for over 20 years. During this time, we’ve come to understand specific oil and gas needs, closely examining the problems they currently face with production, invoicing, and overall data. Today, we have two outstanding oil and gas software solutions which our clients have seen huge industry value in. Some of our clients include energy names such as Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and Total.


OFS PRO is our longest-standing oil and gas software product to date, available as a desktop platform and also as a mobile app for iOS and Android. OFS PRO is an enterprise field service management system with integrated operational reporting, preventative maintenance, and paperless HS&E tracking and reporting. It features a comprehensive dashboard to allow users to view daily drilling reports, control scheduling and dispatching, and build custom reports; with back-office integration to generate invoice templates and standard forms, and track customer information.

As a result, its users can store and use information more efficiently, offering stakeholders a way to visualize intelligence faster. Especially, the collaboration between OFS PRO mobile and desktop office users means that work orders and employee information can be recollected and carried out faster. This means less downtime, better communication, and higher production.


OMNI is the latest addition to our oil and gas software solutions, and it is already setting a milestone in safety training technology. Using both software and hardware in Virtual Reality technology, OMNI instructs and educates oilfield employees to be safe on the site, no matter what their skill level or job type is. Employees undergo various training modules using their headsets and walking around in real-time, quickly learning how to evacuate sites, master equipment handling, and encounter time-sensitive emergencies under exact replicas of original sites. By doing so, they elevate engagement levels, accelerate response time and improve procedure accuracy. Any kind of oilfield employee can find use from OMNI. For example, site surveyors and managers can learn crucial oilfield safety procedures, while day-to-day site workers can learn the importance of PPE.

Fundamentally, using this oil and gas software, oil companies can ensure their labor costs and on-the-job injuries are reduced and their service deliverability is improved with well-trained employees.

Custom Made Software

Apart from our curated oil and gas software, which can be customized for any size oil business, WebCreek has been developing custom made software for a variety of businesses all over the world.

Here, we’ve listed some of our most successful case studies for oil and gas custom made software.

  • One of the world’s leading energy companies selected WebCreek to create an application to manage QA processes for catalyst manufacturing. We created a desktop app to allow users to quickly access desired data through a specialized QC and lot tracking system.
  • A well-known energy asset company selected WebCreek to create a new website design in order to increase brand awareness and elevate recognition within its industry. WebCreek started by augmenting their existing website, incorporating a rebranding plan with stronger visuals, enhanced chromatics and color scheme, as well as upgraded UX consistency across the design.
  • To work alongside the website, we created a customized content management system (CMS) for administrative users. This allowed the client to be completely self-sufficient in maintaining the site. WebCreek’s top priority was to enable the client to completely manage any website changes, including controlling any images, texts and links.

For any client looking to develop an oil and gas software solution, they can trust in WebCreek’s expertise and experience. Considered as one of the best software development companies of 2020 our flexible, project and asset-orientated oil and gas software solutions use secure Cloud-based servers and the latest digital technology to ensure your organization can easily manage projects, assets, reporting and data, no matter what size business you have.

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