Mobile app

Mobile Construction Planning, as good as it gets

A hybrid tablet-focused application to refine jobsite data and increase team efficiency

With the constant demands placed on construction services nowadays, providing the appropriate training, planning, scheduling and leadership are essential for construction companies to boost their productivity and performance.

WebCreek designed and developed a “Labor Management System” for a construction technology company with the main objective of improving labor efficiency in the construction industry. Final customers of the system use it to communicate detailed plans and workflows with field supervisors while capturing real-time performance data.

This app provides users with:

  • A better way to manage workflow
  • A constraints checklist that ensures that the construction team has the tools they need
  • Simulated schedule performance
  • Improved safety features
  • Waste reduction tools
  • Productivity and cost reports
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance Reporting
  • Time tracking

Construction contractors have implemented the app to promote overall efficiency and effectiveness during the planning, scheduling, and reporting processes in all construction phases.

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