Мобильные App

Нечто большее, чем сайт знакомств для католиков

Giving a space for the spiritually minded to connect emotionally or professionally

The idea for this app came from a couple of spirtually minded entrepreneurs who already had a popular website that provided a space for Catholics to share events, news, and services. The app was envisioned as an outgrowth of that website, and imagined a function for getting to know other Catholics in variety of social spaces within a geolocated area.

The challenge with this app was the complexity of both the relationships between people, already a difficult endeavor, and their relationships to religious structures. Behavior in the app would change according to one's marital status, single or married; religious vocation, priests, nuns; bishops, etc; or intention within the app, like dating, business, or friendship. The app also incorporated a high level of information on Catholic events, and masses, to help Catholics practice important rituals.

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