Взаимодействие с пользователем на благо образования

UX can be used to educate, or it can be an afterthought

The User Experience for the Control Point app was important to consider as an integral part of the program itself. The app was designed for teachers specifically, but more broadly for a wide variety of schools within a broad swath of school districts around the country. Important conclusion to draw from these two points are: 1) the app should be didactic in form, and 2) it should have diverse representation.

Sure, we could have created an app that was purely functional, and no one would have complained. But an app can be more than that. The design reflects a didactic mentality in that the illustrations and characters are meant to guide people through how the app functions. Throughout, the app you can also see diverse representations of a variety of ages, sexes, races, and genders to reflect the demographics of school districts in a diverse country.

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