Веб приложение для поиска информации по обеспечению качества

Management of quality assurance processes for catalyst manufacturing

With this in mind, we created a desktop app to allow users to quickly access desired data through a specialized QC and lot tracking system.

To be able to organize data visually and make information streamlined, we incorporated drop down menus that filtered queries, and a database table to examine all correlating information with each query, such as material, city and customer. We also introduced a sales report button to export specifications to recipients to allow designated personnel to access information. Alongside the functional planning, our designers created a compelling user experience with bold colors and capitalized text to immediately engage the user.

The efficiency of this new desktop app was substantially reflected in statistical testimonies. We managed to reduce processing time by 72%, and reduce administrative workload by 30%; ultimately demonstrating a boost in workflow competency and enhanced data handling.

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